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Observational Study
In this study, only health data is collected and/or questionnaires/interview are conducted. No additional intervention such as blood sampling, intake of (study) medication, no additional examinations, etc., happens to the subjects.
Examples: observational research are cohort study, case-control study….

Interventional study
The term interventional is defined in the law as "trial" or "experiment".
An interventional study includes any research in humans in which there is a deviation from normal accepted medical practice / standard therapy.
  • IMP (Investigational medicinal product) : This study is focused on testing a new drug (molecule) or a new use of an existing drug.
  • Device : This study focused to test a new medical material or a new use of an existing material.
  • Other : Other types such as studies for which the patient has an additional blood test, medical imaging, etc.

If the study takes place in one particular center (AZG), then the study is monocentric.